Boiler Treatment

Boiler Treatment

Why is boiler treatment necessary?

Natural water contains a variety of impurities which can drop out of solution when heated, leaving behind deposits that interfere with proper boiler performance.

Deposits insulate the pipes and prevent the efficient transfer of heat, causing overheating. If the overheating is severe enough, and long enough, the metal fails. Corrosion can also occur under the deposits, potentially leading to leaks in the tubes.

The effect of scale on boiler efficiency can be significant. A 1/9″ deposit of scale on the waterside surface increases fuel consumption by 16% while a 1/8″ deposit of scale on the waterside increases fuel consumption by 20%.

Successful boiler operation requires:

  • Proper feedwater quality before it goes into the boiler
  • Protection of internal surfaces
  • Optimizing the condensate return

Elemental Solutions can perform detailed system audits and diagnostics to prescribe the best programs to maximize your boiler system performance and efficiency.

Our programs achieve:

  • Water and energy savings
  • Capital equipment preservation
  • System reliability
  • Safer technology for customers and for the environment