Cooling System Treatment

Cooling System Treatment

Why is cooling water treatment necessary?

Water used in HVAC and process cooling systems may create problems with equipment, such as scale corrosion and organic growths. The quality of water is therefore very important in determining the performance of both chillers and cooling towers that utilize water for cooling.

Improper water treatment or no treatment at all will increase your energy consumption and operating costs while decreasing your mechanical equipment’s efficiencies and life expectancy.

Biofouling and scale are costly. They have an impact on energy requirements of a system, cause corrosion and increase frictional drag. Their presence poses a constant risk to health.

Successful cooling system operation requires:

  • Proper scale, corrosion and microbiological control and monitoring
  • Enhanced water conservation
  • Reducing system energy consumption
  • Risk minimization

Elemental Solutions can perform detailed system audits and diagnostics to prescribe the best programs to maximize your cooling system performance and efficiency.

Our programs achieve:

  • Water and energy savings
  • Capital equipment preservation and system reliability
  • Reduced maintenance and other operating expenses
  • Safer technology for customers and for the environment